Is Building A Facebook Fan Page Still Important?

Social media is here to stay. There’s no way it is going anywhere any time soon. It infiltrates our personal, social, even business lives. Does it really matter if you have good Facebook fan page then? Absolutely! Hundreds, even thousands, of people may visit your page, so it is vital to keep it up to date and accurate. Some may assume that since Facebook has been steadily losing traction over the last few years, that not as many people use it. That could be further from the truth! Take a look at a few reasons why it is still important to build a good Facebook fan page.

Likes DO Matter

Typically, when a person sees you have a business page and wants to follow the happenings with your company, they will “like” the page. The more “likes” you get, the more people you are reaching, simple as that. The counter argument to this is that the “like” is losing value. About 70% of brands have seen a major decrease of fans who see each post. You can’t blame the brands for this, but Facebook itself for the changing of the landscape. It used to be the norm to reach up to 50% of fans with a single post. With a lot more competition out there, having your fans see your post is getting more difficult. But should getting people to “like” you page be any less important? Nope! You just have to put in a little more effort!

Far Reaching

Even though Facebook competition is steeper, you have to consider why: more people are on Facebook now! It is still the #1 social media site. You can reach millions more people with a Facebook post than you can with Twitter and Instagram (this could totally change in a few years, mind you). To complete exclude putting work into doing a nice profile/fan page on Facebook would not be the smartest move.

One-Stop Shop

In what other platform can you post pictures, videos, updates about what’s going on, etc.? None! And Facebook is the best about doing this. Literally, you can reveal as much information about yourself and your business in one page, giving a visitor all they would need to know. Opening a new store front? Post some progress pictures! Consumers sending you fan videos? Post them! It’s super easy to do and kinda hard to mess up. The Facebook layout is all done for you so there’s no starting from scratch. Take advantage of the fact that you clicking on your fan page while let a visitor completely in and learn everything they can.

Consumer Notification and Engagement

It is such an advantage to be able to receive customer feedback on Facebook. Someone can leave a comment on your timeline or in a post, giving them all the tools to be able to engage with the person that administers the page. And you can engage with them right back! A good examples of this would be an unexpectedly short hour day (small business, specifically). Say there was an emergency and your business needed to close early for the day. Post about it on Facebook and keep tabs on those commenting. It’s the best way to stay in touch with customers on your and their schedule.

The bottom line is that creating, maintaining and building your Facebook page for your business is something you should be doing. As other business’s have began to do this you won’t be the first or perhaps the most original but it is still a place where your true fans can check in and know the latest on what’s going on with your brand. Another important thing is to have an active Facebook page because you never know when a new customer is going to be curious if your page is not updated it will appear that your company is not serious.

If you don’t know how to create a fanpage for your business check out the video below.

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